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Indian Journal of Animal Research, volume 47 issue 2 (april 2013) : 160-163


Geng Rong-qing, Wang Lan-ping, Chang Hong*
1College of life science and technology, Yancheng Teachers University,Yancheng Jiangsu Province, P.R China, 224002
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Cite article:- Rong-qing Geng, Lan-ping Wang, Hong* Chang (2024). IDENTIFICATION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF VARIANTS IN THE 5' FLANKING REGION OF BOVINE GROWTH HORMONE GENE. Indian Journal of Animal Research. 47(2): 160-163. doi: .
Sequence variations within the 5' flanking region of bovine growth hormone gene were identified from six bovine species raised in China. Cloned and sequenced amplified fragments revealed difference in lengths because of the insertion and deletion mutations. A total thirty-one variation sites were identified in this region within species and among species. Several new SNPs within bovine species were detected in the 5' flanking region with exception in Haizi buffalo. Some important regulatory elements such as TATA box, CRE, NRE3, dPit1 and pPit1 were identified in the 5' flanking in six bovine species. The conservation of regulatory elements may be consistent with functional constraint during the course of evolution.
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