Bhartiya Krishi Anusandhan Patrika, volume 37 issue 4 (december 2022) : 339-342

Farmers Perception about Print Media in Agricultural Information Dissemination: A Review

Sandip J. Pathak, Mahendra B. Patel
1Pandit Deendayal Energy University, Gandhinagar-382 426, Gujarat, India.
  • Submitted26-05-2022|

  • Accepted23-08-2022|

  • First Online 05-09-2022|

  • doi 10.18805/BKAP544

Cite article:- Pathak J. Sandip, Patel B. Mahendra (2022). Farmers Perception about Print Media in Agricultural Information Dissemination: A Review. Bhartiya Krishi Anusandhan Patrika. 37(4): 339-342. doi: 10.18805/BKAP544.
This paper aims to evaluate the role and importance of print media in agricultural information dissemination among the farmers community. The mass media can be a powerful tool for the dissemination of information in rural areas. Print media can be used well if they are relevant to the targeted audience and provide the information they seek. For this study, data were collected using structured questionnaire, distributed randomly among the farmers in three selected villages of Gandhinagar district in Gujarat. The data was analyzed using the Microsoft Excel and bar charts were prepared for better understanding and interpretation. The finding shows that fellow farmers and print media are the important sources of agricultural information among the farmers community. However, based on the rating of various sources of information by respondents, the print media got first, fellow farmers got second and internet got third position. Among the different form of print media, the most used form of print media for dissemination of agricultural information was pamphlets followed by magazines, newspapers, posters, books / booklets, leaflets and journals.

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