Bhartiya Krishi Anusandhan Patrika, volume 36 issue 2 (june 2021) : 156-157

​Haematological and Blood Chemistry Values in Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) from Ladakh, India

Animesh Talukdar, Sunetro Ghosal, Pankaj Raina
1Department of Wildlife Protection, Leh-194 101, Ladakh, India.
  • Submitted02-07-2021|

  • Accepted09-07-2021|

  • First Online 29-07-2021|

  • doi 10.18805/BKAP319

Cite article:- Talukdar Animesh, Ghosal Sunetro, Raina Pankaj (2021). ​Haematological and Blood Chemistry Values in Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) from Ladakh, India. Bhartiya Krishi Anusandhan Patrika. 36(2): 156-157. doi: 10.18805/BKAP319.
Background: Red fox (Vulpes vulpes) is a pervasive carnivore species across most of Eurasia and parts of North Africa. The current study was aimed to evaluate baseline values for selected haematological and biochemical variables for red fox in Ladakh, India.
Methods: Blood samples were collected from a female red fox with a drug combination of Xylazine and Ketamine. Selected haematological and biochemical variables were assessed for red fox in Ladakh, India.
Result: The total leucocytic count was found as 6.37 10^3/uL, Differential Neutrophil count was found as 4.86 10^3/uL, absolute lymphocyte count, monocytes, eosinophil and basophils were found as 1.08 10^3/uL, 0.42 10^3/uL, 0 10^3/uL and 0.01 10^3/uL respectively. Differential count for neutrophil lymphocytes, monocytes, eosinophil and basophils were found as 76.1%, 17%, 6.6%, 0.1% and 0.2% respectively. Total erythrocytic count was found as 8.710^6/uL, hematocrit as 12 g/dL, mean corpuscular volume was 47.4 fL and platelet as 212 10^3/uL. Serum biochemical analysis revealed serum glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase/ aspartate aminotransferase as 316 U/Lt, serum glutamic-pyruvic transaminase/alanine aminotransferase as 260 U/Lt and alkaline phosphatase as 46 U/Lt.

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