Media strategy for cat fish farmers in kumaon region Uttarakhand

DOI: 10.18805/BKAP249    | Article Id: BKAP249 | Page : 241-244
Citation :- Media strategy for cat fish farmers in kumaon region Uttarakhand.Bhartiya Krishi Anusandhan Patrika.2020.(35):241-244
Arpita Sharma, Adita Sharma, Naresh Kumar Kandpal sharmaarpita615@gmail.com
Address : Department of Agricultural Communication, College of Agriculture, Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar-263 153, Uttarakhand, India.
Submitted Date : 27-10-2020
Accepted Date : 28-11-2020


Present research investigation assessed the constraints faced by cat fish farmers in Uttarakhand. Media strategy was designed on the basis of problem faced by fish farmers. Present research investigation was conducted in 6 villages viz, Dungari, Dralisera, Rawatgaon, Bhatedi, Vulvakot and Gueeya in district Pithoragadh of Uttarakhand. Total 100 fish farmers were selected through purposive sampling method. Results reported that majority of fish farmers were young and educated up to the Intermediate level. All the respondents have television and mobile phone. Respondents were facing various problems viz; lack of information, knowledge, training, institutional credit facilities etc. Media strategy was designed to disseminate information and education among the fish farmers.


Cat fish farmers Communication Media Strategy


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