Balaned and Nutritious Supplementary Food (Dalia)

Rupender Kaur, Sushil Kumar, P. K. Rai
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1Krsihi Vigyan Kenndra (ICAR-DRMR, Baratpur),Gunta-Bansur, Alwar-301 402, Rajasthan
  • Submitted04-03-2019|

  • Accepted08-05-2019|

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  • doi 10.18805/BKAP169

Cite article:- Kaur Rupender, Kumar Sushil, Rai K. P. (2019). Balaned and Nutritious Supplementary Food (Dalia). Bhartiya Krishi Anusandhan Patrika. 34(2): 135-138. doi: 10.18805/BKAP169.
For the purpose of health and oerall development of children during infancy and weaning stage its must to proide them nutrients as required for physical and mental wellbeing of them. So the nutritious dalia was prepared to fulfill the kids whole day requirement because after si month the baby requirements can not be completed by only mother’s milk. For complete nutrition its ccompulasory to provide them proper supplementary food which can stimulate their growth and development. By considering this the baby food nutritios dalia prepared at kvk, which contain energy 409.29 kcal., protein 15.87 gm, carbose 60 gm, fat 5.85 gm, iron 4.32mg, calcium 79.70 mg, sodium 10.51 mg, thiamin 0.498 mg, niacin 2.77 mg, vitamin A 413.5 unit and dietary fibers 10.42 gm. Those secure babies whole day nutrition requirement. 
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