Development of parser agents for bibliographic data retrieval

DOI: 10.18805/BKAP141    | Article Id: BKAP141 | Page : 304-306
Citation :- Development of parser agents for bibliographic data retrieval .Bhartiya Krishi Anusandhan Patrika.2018.(33):304-306

Murari Kumar, Mohammad Samir Farooqi, K.K. Chaturvedi, Chandan Kumar Deb and Pankaj Das

Address :

ICAR- Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute, Pusa, New Delhi-110 012, India.


Bibliographic data contains necessary information about literature to help users to recognize and retrieve that resource. These data are used quantitatively by a “Bibliometrician” for analysis and dissemination purpose but with the increasing rate of literature publication in open access journals such as Nucleic Acids Research (NAR), Springer, Oxford Journals etc., it has become difficult to retrieve structured bibliographic information in desired format. A digital bibliographic database contains necessary and structured information about published literature. Bibliographic records of different articles are scattered and resides on different web pages. This thesis presents the retrieval system for bibliographic data of NAR at a single place. For this purpose, parser agents have been developed which access the web pages of NAR and parse the scattered bibliographic data and finally store it into a local bibliographic database. Based on the bibliographic database, “three-tier architecture” has been utilized to display the bibliographic information in systematized format. Using this system, it would be possible to build the network between different authors and affiliations and also other analytical reports can be generated.


Bibliography Digital agent ICT Information sharing Research articles.


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