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Agricultural Science Digest, volume 40 issue 1 (march 2020) : 53-56

Effect of Micronutrients on Growth and Flowering of Marigold cv. Siracole

Sumita Pradhan, M. Mitra
1Department of Floriculture, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Regional Research Station (Hill Zone),UBKV, Kalimpong-734301.
Cite article:- Pradhan Sumita, Mitra M. (2020). Effect of Micronutrients on Growth and Flowering of Marigold cv. Siracole. Agricultural Science Digest. 40(1): 53-56. doi: 10.18805/ag.D-5000.
A field experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of FeS04, MnS04 and their combination on growth and flowering of Tagetes erecta cv. Siracole. Highest linear growth (68.88cm) of marigold was recorded in plants treated with 0.25%MnS04+ 0.25%FeS04. Plant spread (63.79cm), number of branches (19.10), leaf area (5.36cm.sq.), fresh and dry matter accumulation (431.69g & 105.59g), crop growth rate (7.98 g/m.sq./days), biomass duration (2783.03 g.days), number of flowers per plant (78.66), yield of flowers (35.99 t/ha) and petal meal per kilogram of fresh flowers (390.3 g/kg) and carotene content (2.26mg/g) were recorded highest in plants treated with 0.5 % FeS04+ 0.25 %MnS04 at all stages of crop growth. Plant chlorophyll and iron content were recorded highest with 0.5%FeS04 while manganese content was significantly increased with the application of MnS04@0.5%. 
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