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Agricultural Science Digest, volume 39 issue 2 (june 2019) : 142-148

A Study of Body Weight and Its Relation with Linear Body Measurements in Piglets Fed Different Feed Formulation

Monica Tissopi, JP Bordoloi, J Saharia, Rajib Kro
1<div>Department of Livestock Production and Management, College&nbsp;of Veterinary Science, Assam Agricultural University, Khanapara, Guwahati, Assam, India</div>
Cite article:- Tissopi Monica, Bordoloi JP, Saharia J, Kro Rajib (2019). A Study of Body Weight and Its Relation with Linear BodyMeasurements in Piglets Fed Different Feed Formulation. Agricultural Science Digest. 39(2): 142-148. doi: 10.18805/ag.D-4888.
 The present experiment was carried out to study the body weight and its relation with the linear body measurements of pre-weaned piglets fed with different feed formulation viz., T0 (fed conventional creep feed), T1 (fed 5% milk powder supplemented creep feed), T2 (fed probiotics supplemented creep feed ) and T3 (fed creep feed supplemented with 5% milk powder and probiotics). The final body weights at 8th weeks of age were highest in T3 (12.395 ± 0.051 kg) followed by T2 (11.230 ± 0.094), T1 (9.940 ± 0.103) and T0 (8.781 ± 0.073). These findings indicated a positive effect of added supplement in the body weight of pre-weaned piglets. The results showed that the linear body measurements of the piglets maintained a positive correlation with body weight and increased steadily with a significant effect (p <0.001) of treatment on all three traits. piglets, probiotics.
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