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Agricultural Science Digest, volume 38 issue 1 (march 2018) : 22-26

Effect of nutrient supply system on biometry and rhizosphere microflora  of  soybean, pigeon pea and sorghum.

M.S. Girme, D.H. Sarnobat
1Agriculture College, Latur. Marathwada Agriculture University, Parbhani-431 402 Maharashtra, India.
Cite article:- Girme M.S., Sarnobat D.H. (2018). Effect of nutrient supply system on biometry and rhizosphere microflora of soybean, pigeon pea and sorghum.. Agricultural Science Digest. 38(1): 22-26. doi: 10.18805/ag.D-4516.
A field experiment was conducted at farm of Agriculture  College, Latur (Maharashtra) to study the Effect of Nutrient Supply System on Biometry i.e. Plant height, functional leaves, grain yield and straw yield  of Soybean,  Pigeon pea and Sorghum as well as to study the azotobactor,phosphate solubilizing bacteria , fungi, actinomycetes  and total microorganism in the rhizosphere  microflora of soybean,  pigeon pea and sorghum. The experiment was laid out in randomized block design with seven treatments combinations replicated two time. The treatments were - T1-organic ( 100% R.D.F.) ,T2-Inorganic nutrient supply system.(Rhizobium + PSB + Azotobactor + FYM ), T3—Integrated  nutrient supply system.( 50% R.D.F. +50% FYM + Rhizobium PSB + Azotobactor  ), T4- maximum yield nutrient supply system. T5- biodyamics or Ecofriendly nutrient supply system.. T6- natural (No fertilizer) ,T7-fallow . The fertilizer were applied as a basal dose as per the treatments. The observation on growth i.e. height of plant and number of functional leaves and yield were recorded by using five randomly selected plants of soybean,pigeon pea and sorghum in each treatment plot. The selected plants were labelled and all subsequent biometric observations were recorded on labelled plants during the course of investigation.The judicious use of biofertilizers like rhizobium, azotobactor ,phosohate solubilizing  bacteria with organic manures helped in building up of soil microflora .It also help to augment the availabity of nutrient that could be easily assimilated by plants. The results revealed that the Maximum Yield nutrient supply system ( MYNSS  ) is significantly superior to other system and it was at par with integrated nutrient supply system.
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