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Resource use efficiency in rice production under SRI and conventional method in Assam, India

Ishani Parasar, J.P. Hazarika and Nivedita Deka*

Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Assam Agricultural University,  Jorhat-785 013, Assam, India.

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To meet the rising demand for rice, the staple food in Assam, the production of rice has to be increased by many folds. Considering the shrinkage of agricultural lands, productivity increase is the only way out to increase the production.  System of Rice Intensification (SRI) is reported to enhance rice yield to considerable extent. However, the acceptability of the method by the tradition rice growers of the state is a matter of concern.  Further, the resource use status of SRI is yet to be studied systematically in Assam. The present study on resource use in SRI has shown that the resources used in SRI need to be increased for enhanced rice production the state. Awaring the farmers about SRI and imparting proper training on SRI would certainly help the farmers to increase their rice production to make them rice secured. 

Food security, Rice, Resource use, SRI.
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