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​Prevalence of Various Clinical Diseases and Disorders in Goats at Kasba Upazilla, Bangladesh

M.A. Hossain, S. Zaman, M. Famous, S. Ahmed, M. Khatun, M.H. Talha
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1Department of Poultry Science, Khulna Agricultural University, Khulna, Bangladesh.
Cite article:- Hossain M.A., Zaman S., Famous M., Ahmed S., Khatun M., Talha M.H. (2022). ​Prevalence of Various Clinical Diseases and Disorders in Goats at Kasba Upazilla, Bangladesh. Agricultural Science Digest. 42(4): 482-487. doi: 10.18805/ag.D-361.
Background: Goats are considered poor man’s cow because goat farming remains a profitable venture for decades but diseases and disorders are the sheer hindrances of goat rearing. Clinical studies on prevalence of diseases and disorders in goats are available, but no study has been observed based on etiology, sex and seasons in Kasba Upazilla, Bangladesh. This study was conducted to detect the incidence of clinical diseases and disorders in the study area.
Methods: During the study period of January to December 2018 a total number of 786 goats were diagnosed at Upazila Veterinary Hospital by general, physical and clinical examination. Data were assembled through a structured sheet and analyzed by using SPSS software version 12.
Result: The clinical cases were primarily categorized into six major groups (1) Viral (2) Bacterial (3) Parasitic (4) Surgical (5) Gynaeco-obstetrical (6) Systemic and other disorders. Systemic and other disorders constituted the highest percentage 26.59% in comparison to viral 19.84%, bacterial 25.19%, parasitic 17.81%, surgical cases 6.74% and gynaeco-obstetrical diseases 3.81%. Among each category of clinical cases, the highest diseases and disorders recorded were PPR 13.10%, pneumonia 15.39%, fascioliasis 5.85%, urolithiasis 3.05%, retained placenta 1.39%, diarrhea 9.54% respectively. Sex-wise disease frequency was 41.41% and 58.21% in male and female respectively, whereas season-wise most sizeable percentage was recorded in rainy season 44.69% than in winter 31.65% and summer 22.98%.

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