Efficiency, Yield Gaps, and Profitability of Potato (Solanum Tuberosum) Production in Kombolcha District, Oromia National Regional State, Ethiopia

DOI: 10.18805/ag.D-150    | Article Id: D-150 | Page : 184-189.
Citation :- Efficiency, Yield Gaps, and Profitability of Potato (SolanumTuberosum) Production in Kombolcha District, OromiaNational Regional State, Ethiopia.Agricultural Science Digest.2019.(39):184-189.
Alem Mezgebo, Abadi Teferi, Shishay Teklay and Gebretnsae Hagos adeway12@gmail.com
Address :
Department of Agricultural Economics, Adigrat University, Adigrat, Ethiopia
Submitted Date : 17-04-2019
Accepted Date : 29-08-2019


The study assessed potato production efficiency using the stochastic frontier production function. The study also used descriptive statistics to analyze the data. A sample of 120 potato farmers was selected using multistage random sampling techniques. The results showed that farmers used inputs like land, labor, seed, NPS (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Sulfur) and Urea fertilizers to produce potato. On average, these farmers were not economically efficient in producing the crop. The average technical, economic and allocative efficiencies were 91%, 46% and 51%, which meant that the average inefficiency appeared 9%, 54%, and 49% respectively. The result also showed that 18.14 quintals per hectare of yields was lost due to inefficiency. Socio-economic and institutional factors determined efficiency scores. The results suggested that policy maker needs to consider these factors affecting efficiency scores.


Efficiency Potato production Stochastic frontier function Yield Gaps.


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