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Agricultural Science Digest, volume 31 issue 4 (december 2011) : 270 - 274


V. Anbukkarasi, A. Sadasakthi
1Horticultural College and Research Institute Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore - 641 003, India
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Cite article:- Anbukkarasi V., Sadasakthi A. (2024). EFFECT OF VRKSHAYURVEDA TREATMENTS ON IMPROVED YIELD, QUALITY AND ECONOMICS OF BHENDI (ABELMOSCHUS ESCULENTUS L. MOENCH) CV.ARKA ANAMIKA. Agricultural Science Digest. 31(4): 270 - 274. doi: .
An investigation was carried out during 2006-2007 to study the effect of vrkshayurveda treatments on yield, quality and economics of bhendi cv. Arka Anamika. The experiment was laid out in split plot design with four different green leaf manures and five different green leaf extracts. Among the different treatment combinations, basal application of Albizia lebbeck as green leaf manure along with seed treatment and foliar spray of Annona squamosa leaf extract recorded the highest yield parameters viz., fruit length (21.55cm), fruit girth (7.59cm), number of seeds per fruits (59.20), fruit weight (18.33g), yield (13.96 t ha-1) with a benefit cost ratio of 3.78 and also quality parameters viz., lowest crude fibre (6.17 per cent ), highest crude protein (14.27 per cent) and vitamin C (14.10mg/100g).
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