Article Id: ARCC4841 | Page : 162· 166
Citation :- CORRELATIONAND PATH COEFFICIENT ANALYSIS IN CHILLI (CAPSICUM SPP.).Agricultural Science Digest.2003.(23):162· 166
Dip~nQra Gogoi and B.P. Gautam
Address : QepartmentofHorikulture. Assam AgriculturallJni.v.ersity.Jorhat· 785013, India


Correlation coefficients and path coefficient analysis was studied in fifty two chilli genotypes comprising local collections, established varieties and, advanced breeding lines to find out the association of characters and their direct and indirect effects on yield Fresh frult yield per plant exhibited significant and positive correlation with dry yield, fruits per plant, flowers per plant, fresh fruit weight, leaves per plant, fruiting percentage, dry fruit weight, 1000-seed weight, plant height, plant spread, specific leaf weight, fruit length, seeds perfruit and number of primary branches. association of yield with days to first flowering, fruit drop percentage, days to maturity and harvest duration was negative and non significant. In path coefficient analysis, number of fruits per plant exerted highest positive direct effect (0.7148) on yield followed by fruit length (0.3155) and fruit diameter (O.3138), indicating the importance of these traits in yield improvement programme.


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