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Agricultural Science Digest, volume 33 issue 3 (september 2013) : 211-214


Sushil P. Shirsat*, G.R. Rout
1Department of Agricultural Biotechnology, College of Agriculture, Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology, Bhubaneswar- 751 003, India
Cite article:- Shirsat* P. Sushil, Rout G.R. (2024). AN EFFICIENT PROTOCOL ON PLANT REGENERATION OF UPLAND INDICA RICE (ORYZA SATIVA VARS. GHANTESHWARI AND SIDDHANTA). Agricultural Science Digest. 33(3): 211-214. doi: 10.5958/j.0976-0547.33.3.010.
An efficient and rapid regeneration protocol was developed using shoot apices from germinating seedlings of two varieties of indica rice i.e.  Ghanteshwari and Siddhanta. Shoot apical meristems from 7-d-old seedlings produced axillary and adventitious shoots on MS media containing 3.0 mg/l 6-benzyladenine (BA). Both the genotypes responded positively on shoot multiplication depending upon media composition. The maximum rate of  shoot multiplication was 90%, and the average number of multiple shoots per culture was 12.5  in case of var. Ghanteswari and 10.6 in case of  Siddhanta  within 4 weeks of culture on 3.0 mg /l BA in combination with 50 mg/l adenine sulphate (Ads). Actively multiplying shoot clumps were recovered with high frequency within 4 weeks of cultures. These excised shoots were rooted on MS medium supplemented with 0.5 mg/l NAA and 3% sucrose. Plantlets were success-fully established in soil. This efficient protocol may be utilized for the production of elite clones and  also genetic improvement program.
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