Seasonal Variability and Propagation Environment to Graft Success and Growth of Sapling in Tropical and Subtropical Fruit Crops: A Review

DOI: 10.18805/ag.R-161    | Article Id: R-161 | Page : 58-65
Citation :- Seasonal Variability and Propagation Environment to Graft Success and Growth of Sapling in Tropical and Subtropical Fruit Crops: A Review.Agricultural Reviews.2021.(42):58-65
Nirajan Bhandari
Address : Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IAAS), Gauradaha-57200, Jhapa, Nepal.
Submitted Date : 21-07-2020
Accepted Date : 5-11-2020


Grafting is a widely used propagation technique in fruit trees. Anatomical proximity between scion and rootstock is the prerequisite for the successful graft-take and survival of the grafted plants. The success of grafting, subsequent growth of scion shoot and development of the successful grafts depend upon several factors like climatic conditions, the growth stage of scion and rootstock, methods of grafting, etc. The grafting response of fruit crops differs due to seasonal variability and environmental condition where grafting is carried out. A controlled environment with the congenial conditions for faster healing and callus formation results in better graft success, survival and growth of grafted plants. 


Environmental condition Graft success Propagation Seasonal variability


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