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Agricultural Reviews, volume 37 issue 3 (september 2016) : 250-254

Growth Hormone Receptor (GHR) gene and its applications in livestock: A review

Anamika, Dibyendu Chakraborty*, D. Kumar, Peer Mohd. Azhar, S. Gurdeep Singh, Simran singh, Aakriti Sudan
1<p>Division of Animal Genetics &amp; Breeding,&nbsp;FVSc&amp;AH, SKUAST-Jammu, R. S. Pura-181 102, Jammu, India.</p>
Cite article:- Anamika, Chakraborty* Dibyendu, Kumar D., Azhar Mohd. Peer, Singh Gurdeep S., singh Simran, Sudan Aakriti (2016). Growth Hormone Receptor (GHR) gene and its applicationsin livestock: A review . Agricultural Reviews. 37(3): 250-254. doi: 10.18805/ag.v37i3.3541.

The Growth Hormone Receptor (GHR) gene provides instructions for making a protein called the growth hormone receptor. The GHR mediates biological actions of growth hormone on target cells by transducing the growth hormone (GH) signal across the cell membrane and inducing transcription of many genes, including insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF1). The gene coding for bovine GHR gene consists of nine exons. In exon 8 of the bovine GHR gene, T/A nucleotide variation results in to change in tyrosine from phenylalanine in the transmembrane domain of the GHR protein, has been reported to be associated with a major effect on milk yield in cows. GHR (growth hormone receptor) gene has been shown to harbor a causal mutation of a QTL influencing milk yield and composition GHR gene is a polymorphic gene and the polymorphisms are related to different economic traits of different species. The GHR gene influences physical traits and helps to selection of animals. The lengths of the variable TG-repeats in the P1 promoter of the bovine GHR gene are associated with growth rates in young Angus cattle. Due to various functions of GHR are viewed as promising candidate markers for selection purposes in cattle. Thus GHR gene could be a candidate gene for application in marker assisted selection (MAS).

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