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Agricultural Reviews, volume 34 issue 4 (december 2013) : 279-287


Lal Chand, Suneel Sharma*, Rajpal Dalal, Anil K. Poonia1
1Department of Horticulture CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar-125 004, India
Cite article:- Chand Lal, Sharma* Suneel, Dalal Rajpal, Poonia1 K. Anil (2024). IN VITRO SHOOT TIP GRAFTING IN CITRUS SPECIES- A REVIEW. Agricultural Reviews. 34(4): 279-287. doi: 10.5958/j.0976-0741.34.4.013.
A retrospective overview of work done on the in vitro shoot tip grafting in citrus in the world was taken up. In vitro shoot tip grafting is the most reliable method to recover free citrus saplings from infected parental source. The technique of in vitro shoot tip grafting is a suitable method for the elimination of graft transmissible diseases in citrus. Preliminary  studies  showed  that  certain  pathogens  are  difficult  to be  eliminate from  mother  plant  like  citrus  exocortis  and  stubborn, which  might  be  eliminated  by  a  process  of  shoot  tip  grafting  in-vitro. Plant  obtained  by  micro-grafting  do  not  have the  same  problems  as  nucellar  plants  such  as  reversion  to  the  juvenile  state,  excessive  thorniness,  vigorous  and  upright  habit  of  growth,  slowness  to  fruiting,  alternate  bearing  in  early  years and physical  differences  in  fruit  characteristics.
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