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Agricultural Reviews, volume 32 issue 4 (december 2011) : 295 - 303


Mahendra Singh
1Dairy Cattle Physiology Division, National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal-132 001, India
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Cite article:- Singh Mahendra (2024). OXYTOCIN : THE CUDDLE HORMONE- A RAVIEW. Agricultural Reviews. 32(4): 295 - 303. doi: .
The oxytocin hormone has a well established role in let-down of milk and parturition process in dairy animals. However, its harmful effect on health of lactating ruminants has not been established till date though short term effects are known in some species. During the last one decade various actions of oxytocin has been reported but research in lactating animals are still needed to prove the harmful effects. The present review discuss about the synthesis, storage and its wider action in male and females.
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