Impact assessment of TANUVAS – mineral mixture on the productive performance of dairy cattle 

DOI: 10.18805/ijar.9369    | Article Id: DR-1059(B) | Page : 824-825
Citation :- Impact assessment of TANUVAS – mineral mixture on theproductive performance of dairy cattle .Indian Journal Of Animal Research.2016.(50):824-825

S. Senthilkumar*, S. Prathaban, V. Thanaseelaan1 and C. Manivannan
Address :

Veterinary College and Research Institute, Tirunelveli-627 001, India.


Ten villages of Tirunelveli district were selected purposively for the study wherein NABARD Farmers culb functioning successfully. From each village 50 NABARD Farmers club members were selected by simple random sampling techniques. Thirty percent of the respondents were involved among 500 beneficiaris of the project to study the impact of TANUVAS - mineral mixture on the productive performance. Accordingly, 15 respondents from each village were included for this study and constituted a sample size of 150. Milk sample were collected before supplementation of TANUVAS - mineral mixture and after two weeks period of supplementation of TANUVAS - mineral mixture in dairy cattle. Fat and SNF percentage of samples were analysed in the laboratory and milk yield also estimated. The study concluded that, supplementation with TANUVAS - mineral mixture increased milk yield by one litre, fat percentage increased by 1.77 per cent and SNF increased by 0.77 per cent.  


Dairy cattle Impact assessment Production performance TANUVAS - mineral mixture.


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