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Effect of cobalt and sulphur nutrition on yield, quality and uptake of nutrients in lentil

Neha Sahay, S. P. Singh, Javed Ali and Yogesh Kumar Sharma
Department of Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Science, Raja Balwant Singh College, Bichpuri, Agra-283 105, India.

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A field experiment was conducted during rabi season of 2008-2010 at Bichpuri (Agra) to study the effect of cobalt and sulphur on growth, yield and uptake of nutrients in lentil. Treatments consisted of four levels of cobalt (0, 2, 4 and 8 kg ha-1) and four levels of sulphur (0, 10, 20 and 40 kg ha-1). The growth and yield attributes increased significantly up to 4 kg Co ha-1 over control, while increases in these were noted up to 20 kg S ha-1. Application of 4 kg Co ha-1 increased the grain and straw yield by 16.0 and 15.5% over control, respectively but 8 kg Co ha-1 decreased it. Yield of lentil increased linearly with increasing levels of S over control. The magnitude of increase in grain and straw yield was 26.7 and 28.3% due to 20 kg S ha-1 over control, respectively. The uptake of Co and S in grain and straw increased significantly with their respective application. Application of 20 kg S ha-1 increased Co uptake by the crop while S uptake increased with 2 kg Co ha-1 only by the crop. The uptake of N, P and K by the crop increased significantly up to 4 kg Co ha-1. Similarly S application up to 40 kg ha-1 increased significantly the uptake of N and K by the crop. Protein content in grain increased significantly with the addition of Co (8 kg ha-1) and sulphur (40 kg ha-1).
Cobalt, Growth, Lentil, Nutrient uptake, Sulphur, Yield.
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