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Clinical studies on anal tumors in dogs

S. Kokila, P. Veena, R.V. Suresh Kumar and Ch. Srilatha

College of veterinary Science, Tirupati-517-502, A.P, India.

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The anal and perianal region contains multiple structure and glands, some of which are unique to the area. Anal sacs or perianal sinuses are paired, lateral, cutaneous, anal diverticula lined by a cornified, stratified squamous epithelium. Dogs have apocrine tubular anal sac glands that open into the anal sacs. Perianal glands are modified sebaceous glands, they are referred as hepatoid glands, because of their histologic resemblance to hepatocytes. Incidence,symptoms and surgical and medical management of anal tumors was studied.

Anal tumors, Dogs, Treatment.
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