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P. K. Choudhary1, G. K. Choudhary2, P. K. Das, S. Sanyal and P. R. Ghosh
West Bengal University of Animal and Fishery Sciences, Kolkata, West Bengal –700037. India

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70 - 72
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The study was conducted in twelve numbers of female Murrah buffalo dividing in to two groups,each of six numbers. One as control and other group as experimental animals. Physiological andhaemodynamic parameters were studied in both groups. In experimental group, 2000 ml of normalsaline solution was introduced to each animal through two intravenous routes within 20 minutes.There was non-significant variation of rectal temperature at 15 and 25 minutes after inducedhypertension. The mean respiratory rate at 15 minutes of induced hypertension increased nonsignificantlyand at 25 minutes after induced hypertension the mean value of respiration wassignificantly (p 0.01) increase compared to control group. Post exposure the heart rate was nonsignificantlyincreased at 15 minute from control group. At 25 minute of induced hypertension themean heart rate also increased non-significantly from the mean of 15 minutes. The pulse ratesignificantly (p 0.05) increase from control at 15 and 25 minutes after induced hypertensionrespectively. The pulse deficit was non-significantly increased at 15 and 25 minutes after inducedhypertension. The mean value of blood volume increased significantly (p< 0.05) at 25 minutes ofinduced hypertension. The present study helps the clinician to diagnose the hypertension in buffaloand it can be elaborated in diagnosis of hypertension in other animal also.
Murrah buffalo, Normal saline solution, Induced hypertension, Haemodynamic
parameters, Hypertension
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