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Effect of supplementation of complex probiotics on performance of growing pigs

Hemant Kumar1 and Shikha Kumari2

Pig Breeding Farm, Ranchi Veterinary College, Kanke, Ranchi-834006 (Jharkhand)

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BKAP 31(2) 150-153
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The objective of this study is to show the effect of complex probiotics (Lactobacillus acidophilus, 1.0×107 CFU/g; Saccharomyces cerevisae, 4.3×106 CFU/g; Bacillus subtilis 2.0×106 CFU/g) on growth rate, dry matter intake (DMI) and feed conversion ratio (FCR) of growing pigs. This study was conducted on 36 growing pigs which were randomly divided and allotted to 3 treatment groups. Dietary treatments included group-1:  basal diet, group-2: basal diet+0.1% complex probiotics and group-3: basal diet+0.2% complex probiotics. During 91 days of experimental period it was observed that maximum growth and better FCR were recorded in group-3 i.e. 68.17±0.56 kg and 1.51±0.45 kg/day/pig respectively. Along with that, better FCR was also recorded in group-3 (3.02±0.03:1). On the basis of present finding it is suggested that for better growth performance in growing pigs, 0.2% of complex probiotics could be used.

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