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Arun Bhatt*
Live Stock Research Centre, G.B. Pant University of Agric. and Technology Pantnagar-263 145, India

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258 - 261
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The present investigation was carried out for studying the magnitude of heterosis and inbreeding depression of fifty sorghum hybrids (F1s) and their (F2s) obtained by crossing of ten Sudan grass restorer lines with five cytoplasmic male sterile lines in Line × Tester mating design. Observations were recorded on quantitative and qualitative traits viz. plant height, leaf length, leaf width, fifth leaf area, stem diameter, total soluble solids (T.S.S.%), protein %, digestibility %, shootfly infestation, green and dry fodder yield. Variable magnitude of three types of heterosis (better parent, mid parent, standard) was observed for different cross combinations for all the traits. Based on per se performance and heterotic response for green and dry fodder yield, the best five crosses were 2219×UPMC504, 2218AXSDSL 92102-2, ICSA363XPC4, ICSA363XPC5 and ICSAXUPMC504. Positive and substantial estimates of inbreeding depression were observed for all the characters except stem diameter, T.S.S.%, protein%, shootfly infestation and HCN content.
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